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The University of Missouri School of Medicine invites you to be a part of the Annual Dialysis Conference (ADC). This international conference has become the most important annual meeting in the world for all forms of dialysis.
The 2017 ADC will be held in Long Beach, CA, March 11-14. We offer exhibits at this conference because we think it is important for participants to be exposed to the products and services that make dialysis possible.
If you have been with us before, you know that we make a special effort to assure that this is a good meeting for exhibitors. All of our catered breaks, for example, are served in the exhibit area to assure good traffic. We hope that you will feel free to talk to us about your needs, interests and concerns. You will find that we are very interested in your views, and have often modified policies based on the advice of exhibitors.

More details for the 2017 ADC will be available at a later date.